Security Staff “Click on Patch”

Our Staff is Professional and Experienced


Excellently Trained Security Personnel - The business of providing security is like no other.  after the high rate of crime occurring around our business and homes, the need of extra security rises along.  As a result, the firm has searched and literally hand-picked professionals who are up to the job in order to provide you with un-rivaled security services. These are ex-servicemen from the armed forces , ex police and CCW / CPL (Concealed Pistol License) trained security officers, they are headed by vastly-experienced team leaders. As such, our firm has a vast collective experience in security-related matters which enables us to perform to expectations.


Strong Work Ethic - As opposed to many other security firms, we do not have a high turn-over of employees. This is because our employees are adequately compensated for their services. As a result our staff is highly motivated which ensures they can carry on with the high threshold of work ethic that our firm subscribes to.