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Firearms Training

Experienced Prior Military and current Law Enforcement Police Personnel take the training very seriously.  From basic Firearms Pistol Fundamentals to Close Encounter Personal Protection advancement level. 

Move on to the Concealed Pistol License / CCW course.  The instructors are Insured and Licensed to teach anywhere in the United States.



S.H.O. (Safe House Operations) Protection & Security Agency


Here at safe house ops we understand the client's needs and we deliver. Whether you are looking for security services for your property or an event you are planning, we render the services you need with total diligence and sense of duty. Our firm is based on fundamental values of trust and service-delivery and we put our client at the very top of our priorities.


We offer a high quality security service, which means that in addition to offering services that meet your requirements, we go further to provide a service experience like no other.


...ABOUT US...

                                      Why should you  choose safe house ops for security service-provision


Quality - We offer a high quality security service, which means that in addition to offering services that meet your requirements, we go further to provide a service experience like no other.


Up-To-Date Technology - Technology changes almost every day, so we keep updating our technology in order to meet the requirements of a high standard service. This also serves to keep up with the tech-savvy criminals and to ensure we are a step ahead of them. We possess unique equipment that complements the skills of our personnel, so as to provide top-notch client experience.


Excellently Trained Security Personnel - The business of providing security is like no other.  after the high rate of crime occurring around our business and homes, the need of extra security rises along.  As a result, the firm has searched and literally hand-picked professionals who are up to the job in order to provide you with un-rivaled security services. These are ex-servicemen from the armed forces , ex police and ccw trained security officers, they are headed by vastly-experienced team leaders. As such, our firm has a vast collective experience in security-related matters which enables us to perform to expectations.


Strong Work Ethic - As opposed to many other security firms, we do not have a high turn-over of employees. This is because our employees are adequately compensated for their services. As a result our staff is highly motivated which ensures they can carry on with the high threshold of work ethic that our firm subscribes to.


Affordability of Service - With the above mentioned factors, we consider our services, from reviews of former clients, top-notch and good performance. This, however, would usually come with an expensive price-tag, but we at safe-house-ops are a different security services provider. We undertake to provide security services which are of a high standard but which come with an affordable price-tag depending on the type of work needed but catering extensively for all income groups.





Event Security - Over the time of our establishment, we have evolved into a multi-service firm, with a reputable event security service that is flexible. To ensure your event goes on as smoothly as planned, you don't need stringent procedures to ensure security. With our top-notch personnel, whose main priority is preventing and handling crime, we have developed unique surveillance techniques to scan for probable security risks and as a result, we have been able to handle large events with high population densities. From weddings to entertainment concerts, from sports events to corporate functions, we are the security firm of choice.


On-Site Security / Patrolling - We have had clients come up to us with requests to offer them security services for estates and gated communities. We have also been requested to offer security for wide-area infrastructure such as farms, scrap yards, and construction sites to ensure the tools and equipment is in safe hands. We at safe house ops have delivered the service to the satisfaction of our clients. We offer on-site personnel who are continuously re-trained so as to keep their skills top-notch. Our personnel are adequately enabled for crowd management and rapid conflict resolution. They are equipped to handle a wide spectrum of security-related occurrences. There are comprehensive plans for predicting demographics of crowds and the size of the crowds. We pride ourselves in implementing robust operational capabilities, to offer security at these kinds of events.


Hotel Security - Whether your hotel is a single star motel or a five star hotel, we have flexible plans for providing security for various types of guests. We provide VIP security services to take care of your most valued customers. We also provide services for common hotel business which includes conferencing facilities. These types of events also pose a challenge with the scale of VIP's and these include room security and security for vehicles and motorcades. For corporate functions, we have a proper pre-planed methodology for undertaking security provision including restricting access to pass-holders and providing safe entry and exit for both people and motorcades. We also liaise with emergency service providers such as paramedics to take care of any occurrence requiring medical intervention and firefighters to take care of relevant risk occurrences.


Door Supervision - This is necessary for events with fixed guest lists, premises and ticketed events. Whatever event you intend to hold, you must have a door supervision unit to ensure compliance with invitation conditions for example, dress codes, and primarily to keep away unruly elements. Door supervision is also useful in ensuring civility and proper, efficient collection of gate fees. Our security firm has specialized personnel with people management and rapid conflict resolution skills.


Bailiff Support - In the event of security risks coming to pass, we are always there to provide the services of bailiffs either in person or in financing one. We understand the cost of civil suits and therefore we try to provide our clientele, the best, sound legal advice to enable them achieve a most desirable court verdict. Although we do provide this service, it never has to come to this and we keep this in mind. 


Experiential promotions and product launches With teams based throughout Michigan we are ideally placed to ensure continuity in the quality of our service, protecting your people and property. 


Foot patrols When crime or anti-social behavior becomes problematic, our uniformed patrols provide the forceful presence necessary to deter and prevent crime together with the reassurance residents need.

 Adult entertainment security ? Discrete & Personal Protection during events, photo / film shoots and building security during operation hours. 




 Property Security Services - Whether you own a business premises or you are a landlord, we provide security for buildings and other structures such as those used by utility establishments for example, power generators. We also provide security for factories and manufacturing establishments. The scale of the establishment is commensurate with the type and quantity of personnel that will be dispatched. We try as much to fit employees into their area of specialization and expertise and this includes the areas in which they have had vast experience. We also provide security for certain city services such as the protection of building and construction equipment 


CARE-TAKER For properties that are vacant but habitable, live-in caretakers or guardians are a highly effective way of securing your property. 


The advantages of installing caretakers are:


cost - Offering a cheaper alternative to a uniformed presence, habitation by our caretakers can also lower insurance premiums and potentially  


legal status - By occupation under license, caretakers do not assume tenancy rights.  This ensures termination of the licence with as little as 48 hours’ notice


maintenance - Our caretakers are responsible for keeping your property clean,  tidy and reporting any deterioration or problems arising


access – Caretakers can admit entry to third parties such as agents or contractors on your behalf


vetting – All caretakers are vetted, have the right to live and work in the US and are subject to regular unannounced visits


trust – No property under our care has ever been squatted and all property handovers have taken place on schedule – without exception.


PATROLS While boarding up and alarming a property provides a basic level of security, it is no substitute for the strength of protection provided through man guarding. However, we recognise that, in today’s economic climate, the cost of a full-time guard might be prohibitive. 


Offering an affordable alternative, our mobile property patrol service provides a visual security presence and ensures your property is regularly checked for security breaches such as signs of entry or environmental damage. 


The Security patrol service is both thorough and flexible. Property patrols are conducted at all times of the day and night, we report all findings promptly to our clients, and are always prepared to deploy extra guards at short notice should the security of any property be compromised. 


24 hour response and cctv In security operations,optional )
there is little of greater importance than 24/7 availability, we run a 24 hour service 365 days a year, the benefits of which are clear


we respond to all requests rapidly and will provide our services around the clock, even when called upon with little or no notice


Coming Soon:

A security alarm without planned response is ineffectual, and requires backup. As the newest addition to our property protection services, our key holding, alarm and response service provides a 2-stepped approach to protecting your premises, property or people.


This is monitored through our 24 hour control system by our security officers.


Should the threat of fire, flood or intruder arise, our trained response teams are rapidly mobilized to deal with the issue. They will liaise with police when necessary, secure the premises and make a full report back to our client.


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