Safe House Operations LLC.

A professional family oriented Gun Safety Company focusing on enhancing the knowledge, handling, and safe use of firearms for adults as well as children. Our NRA Certified Pistol Instructors and Certified Range Safety Officers also possess Law Enforcement and Ex-military background with years of experience pertaining to the use and handling of guns whether in the field of training, military or on the job. We are members of the NRA, MCRGO, National Sheriff's Association, and POAM

The Chief Operator of the company is a Certified Range Officer and able to teach parents and children about the Fundamentals of gun safety, proper handling/care and storage of firearms. He is also an experienced Police Command Officer with Prior Military Expertise. 

Your need is our priority. We will train you and your family whether you are experienced shooter, beginner, or never even handled a firearm before. We are here for you to make it as simple and as enjoyable as possible without losing the vital elements of safety and responsibility.   We're only a phone call away for Gun Range use, Classes or even PRIVATE CLASSES, we will train you in a private session at your home or your business.   Your Life and freedom are also at stake.   We will train you to protect your life, the life of your love-ones and friends and as well as protect your freedom from any violations on the part of the prosecution or the perpetrators.

Beginner and Advanced Shooters!  This lesson is for you!   New to shooting?  Not happy with your shooting ability and end result on the target.  Did you just buy a new gun?   Are you looking to sharpen your skills with private lessons?

Our training will enhance your abilities and shooting strategies. We will introduce you to new and improved shooting stances and superior tactics for survival scenarios against violent confrontations.

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Safe House Operations Management

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