Our NRA Certified Pistol Instructors and Certified Range Safety Officers also possess

 Law Enforcement and Ex-military background with years of experience pertaining

to the use and handling of guns whether in the field of training, military or on the job.

We are members of State and Nationally recognized powerfull Associations fighting

 for your United States Constitution's 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. The Chief

Operator of the company is a Law Enforcement member, Firearms Instructor, Range

 Safety Officer and able to teach parents and children about the Fundamentals of gun

safety, proper handling/care and storage of firearms.





Wayne County-Detroit Metro Airport Police Wayne County Sheriff's Office City of Inkster Police Department

United States Army National Guard

National Rifle Association  USA Army Inactive Reserves



Active Member And Supporter Of:


Deputy Sheriff's Assocation of Michigan National Sheriff's Association                   NRA

WE SERVICE: Michigan CCW Detroit CCW CPL Classes

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