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Michigan CCW Application Guide

Michigan Concealed Pistol, CCW Application and Instructions:

1.  Concealed pistol application kits are provided during normal business hours by the following:

      • County sheriffs
      • Local police agencies
      • County clerks

2.  Concealed pistol application kits are free of charge to individuals who wish to apply for a license to carry a concealed pistol.

        1. Concealed pistol application kit includes the following:
          • Written procedure to obtain a concealed pistol permit
          • Application form
          • Written procedure to appeal and the appeal process form if denied a concealed pistol permit
          • Reference numbers for current pistol safety training entities
        2. Processing Application
          • Applicant files their application with the county clerk in the county in which the individual resides. This must include: (1) a copy of the certificate of completion of the pistol safety training course, and (2) a passport quality photograph.
          • Applicant pays a fee of $105 to the county clerk at time of filing.
          • Applicant receives a receipt for payment.
          • Applicant provides receipt and has fingerprints taken by sheriff department or a local law enforcement agency.         However, the local agency may charge an additional $15 for the taking of the fingerprints. Some sheriff departments participate with a vendor to provide applicant finger printing. There is no additional charge for this service.
          • Sheriff department or local police agency forwards fingerprints to the Michigan State Police for processing.
          • Once county gun board receives the fingerprint comparison report, they will issue or deny the license within 45 days.

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