5 Home Security Tips You'll Wish You Knew About


We all have 20/20 hindsight when it comes to any event.   I’d go back and stop myself before telling Grandma that I didn’t like the Christmas sweater she knitted for me. I’d also make sure that I had been more careful about locking my dorm room before someone walked off with my laptop.




If speak to any burglary victim, they will tell you that they wish they had done one thing differently before their space was broken into and their stuff was stolen.  The common suggestions range from locking doors and windows, to being more careful about their friends and who they decide to trust. Here are a few of the most common suggestions for things to do before you get robbed:

  • Take photos of your stuff, especially the valuable items, and the receipts if you have them, so if anything gets stolen you can prove that you owned it and paid for it.
  • Make sure you always lock your doors and windows, every time you go out. You can be cleaned out in the 10 minutes it takes to walk to the corner bodega to buy the Sunday newspaper.
  • Get a home security system. Even if you rent, a wireless security system will protect you, and you can take it with your every time you move.
  • Be careful about who you trust. You can hang out with “a friend of a friend” but don’t give that person your key or your security code until you have a better sense of whether or not they are honest and trustworthy.
  • Try to break into your own home. Try to climb through a window. Use a paper clip to open the door lock. If it is easy for you to get in, think about how long it will take a professional…
  • Back up the data on your laptop, iPod and camera often, and store it in a different location. If you back everything up to your computer and it gets stolen, it will be all gone. You can always buy your music and devices again, but documents and photos are irreplaceable.

If you use a few of these tricks, and your common sense, you may be able to avoid becoming a victim. And if crime does strike your home, you’ll be able to recover from the theft much faster.

Written By: Jen Taylor